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Intuitive Touch – The Holy Grail of Massage

Calling for intuitive touch

Hey Siri. I need massage with an intuitive touch!

“Hey Siri!  Find me an amazing massage.” Sure, Siri can find you a massage therapist, but what of the quality of touch? We believe that intuitive touch is the cornerstone of a balanced and beneficial therapeutic or relaxation massage.

Walk around any mall or high-end furniture store and you will certainly see various brands of electric massage chairs. I recently shopped for an adjustable bed frame and it too had the latest gadgets — USB ports, and a built-in massager. I settled in for a test ride, and felt as though I was being poked, prodded, and manipulated. What I did not feel was the relief of pain and tension generally experienced at the hands of a therapist with truly intuitive touch.

Intuition is a powerful force. Combining the mental with the physical yields incredible results. Sure clues that your massage therapist possesses intuitive touch:

  • Your massage therapist asks for a brief and concise summary of your body’s needs for each massage session. Pinpointing your specific pain and discomfort provides opportunity for the therapist to focus and truly feel their way to your pain — never going too deep or lingering on a spot too long.
  • Generally speaking, intuitive touch allows the massage therapist to work through multiple layers of muscle and tissue without causing pain. Remember always that massage therapy is a cooperative effort, and your therapist benefits from feedback. This allows slight adjustments that promote effective treatment without pain.
  • Following your massage, the therapist provides you with a follow-up treatment plan. Intuitive touch allows the therapist the mentally gauge the effectiveness of the massage session and to communicate clearly areas of interest that would benefit from more work. A regular massage care plan is essential for optimal wellness. Your therapist can assist in determining how often you should return for the most benefit.
  • Your massage therapist practices their craft at Healthy Touch Massage! Each of our therapists demonstrates through a practical interview the wonder of their craft and their intuitive touch. Only with clear demonstration of that gift can they practice at Healthy Touch.

So, what are you waiting for? Schedule a great massage today and find out for yourself what intuitive touch will do for your life.




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