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Seasons Change — So Does Your Body

As we approach our 5th anniversary on September 22d, I often reflect on the ebb and flow of business.  We have been blessed with a great clientele and wonderful growth. But what factors compel people to get massages? Just as in any service industry profession, this question piques the curiosity and sometimes frustrates the massage therapist who doesn’t yet understand the pattern, or lack of it.   So, what have we discovered after 5 years?

The most honest answer is the we really can’t discern a pattern other than this; when the seasons change, it seems to awaken a desire in the body to receive care.

  • When the weather turns cold, or warmer, rainy or dry — people want massage. And remember, on those chilly days you can ask your therapist for a heated table, or an extra blanket
  • Sometimes the stress of a holiday, which is supposed to be good, causes a toll that only a healthy touch can heal
  • seasonal allergies, especially affecting the sinus, can often be helped with massage
  • seasonal changes also bring about changes in activity — that slightly longer bike ride or hike showing that your hamstrings and psoas were not quite as flexible as you thought.
  • perhaps the end of Summer and start of school is just what the parent, or the busy student needs.

Whatever the season, or whatever the reason, we invite you to follow the call of your body and schedule that massage.  Truly, massage is a great tool in bringing about pain-free living.

The team at Healthy Touch Massage & Wellness invites you to call or come to see us this week!

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