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Creating an Atmosphere of Safety and Trust

The Unspoken Language

Safety in the Massage Room

Without an established energy and understanding of safety and trust in the massage room, without this unspoken agreement and silent language, consistent and high-quality massage cannot exist.

Healthy Touch Massage provides thousands of massages each year, doing so with compassion and understanding. I hope that we never take for granted the tremendous confidence and trust that our clients place in us. We are so honored for the privilege of serving each and every one — whether they come to us once, perhaps passing through town on business or visiting family, or they are regular clients coming multiple times per month or year.

Security — To feel safety requires you to feel secure

The settings and surroundings, the sentiments communicated — verbally or not — must all nurture an environment that feels secure in all of its elements. This begins with the intake session in which the client and massage therapist agree upon the elements and routine of the massage. Careful, measured and respectful touch and attention to draping assist in maintaining safety and security.

Control — To feel safety requires you to feel agency (the power to guide the session).

Every visit, whether with one’s regular therapist, or someone new is a fluid and dynamic situation. Comfort is an integral element of safety. As a valued recipient of massage, our primary goal is to let you know that (1) the massage is all about you, and that (2) you are in control of every element of the session.

You have choices and are invited to speak up at any point in the massage. Is the pressure appropriate and comfortable? Does the draping on the table inspire a feeling of safely? Do you feel the freedom to speak, or to maintain silence and drift off to sleep — the greatest compliment a client can convey!

Trust — True safety only exists in an atmosphere of trust.

Trust takes place in a variety of realms. Trust that the therapist is properly trained and vetted. Trust in the therapist’s intentions. Through effective communication during the intake session, and as you desire during the massage session, your intuition — your gut — speaks powerfully and lets you know.  You are safe. You are in a healing, relaxing place. You can let go and enjoy the healing, restorative flow.

Does this sound like the experience you are looking for? We would love to see you for your first massage (ever) or for your first massage in an atmosphere that allows you to give yourself over completely to a healing, restorative flow.

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