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Reading to sink your teeth into

Recently I discovered that my credit card was compromised. Adding insult to injury, the culprits proceeded to fill their bellies at my expense — “feasting” on fast food. With all the choices available, they chose the quickest and least satisfying options, filling themselves up with mass produced, tasteless food substitutes.

When it comes to reading choices, we often opt for the quickest and most easily digested options. No one enjoys a good novel or a glance at the daily paper more than I do. I would compare those to the quick burning carbs we get from that morning bagel. If you want some healthy, long lasting “fat” reading, take a look at our selection of healthy publications during your next visit — and yes, there are a few with more general, local interest.

In addition to reading the “Well Being Journal,” “Experience Life, and the Weston A Price journal, I always try to have a good book on hand. For this month the book is “Cooked” by Michael Pollan. Watch for a future review.

Until then, we wish you a healthy touch for your body and your mind.


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