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Pain-free living can be your new reality

 You were designed for a pain-free life!  The stresses of daily life, combined with our lack of attention to the body’s proper positioning, create a recipe for continuous and ongoing pain. We are marvelously designed creatures, and if we respect our bodies, and our natural design, we can function well for close to a century.

Frequent and consistent application of quality massages slays stress

 Stress is the enemy of our bodies. Experts estimate that up to 90% of all disease is stress- related. Frequent massage counteracts that stress.  Some of the benefits are:

– Decreased anxiety.

– Enhanced sleep quality.

– Greater energy.

– Improved concentration.

– Increased circulation.

– Reduced fatigue.

 An excellent treatment plan speeds up the healing process

 As in much of life, timing is the key! A recent study showed that 2-3 massages per week for the neck reduced pain and increased functioning.

Your Healthy Touch massage professionals will design a customized treatment plan. In joint consultation with you, they will help determine the optimal treatments for you. Our membership program or massage packages are also designed to provide your wallet with pain-free living!

Are you ready for a return to pain-free living?  Take the first step and click here  to secure a private session with your healthy touch massage professional.


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