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Infrared Sauna Weight Loss

infrared sauna weight loss inch-by-inch

weight loss inch-by-inch with infrared sauna

Our infrared sauna helps sweat off the calories

Temperatures are dropping and cooler temperatures prevail. As some of us slow down, we want to add layers of clothing and drop layers of flesh! Our new Sunlighten Infrared Sauna is the perfect tool to help lose that weight effortlessly, inch-by-inch.

Relax in our cozy 2-person sauna while listening to your choice of music, reading a book, or even catching up on emails on your tablet. At temperatures of 100 to 130 degrees, your body is burning up to 600 calories per session. While not as hot (or bothersome) as a traditional Swedish-style sauna, the Sunlighten Sauna is clinically proven to deliver superior results! Our sauna will leave you relaxed, and not gasping for air! A quick towel dry will be sufficient to get you ready for the rest of your day.

What could be easier than combining your massage session with 30-45 minutes before or after in the sauna? We don’t recommend this as your sole means of minimizing the waist, but it is a great supplement to any training program.

Combine infrared sauna treatment with a massage

Clients using the sauna for the first time enjoy a great discount on their introductory session. Use it before or after your session. Some find that an infrared sauna session loosens the fascia and prepares the body to receive more fully the benefits of massage. This allows the therapist to more quickly and effectively get to the root of those nasty knots.

Request your infrared sauna treatment today!

Your time is valuable. Whether you are reading this during a boring conference, or just before going to bed, our online request system gives you several options for appointments.  Because of the benefits received from multiple sessions, we offer many package options:  a series of sessions, or a package encompassing a week or a month.

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