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“How was your massage?”

People get massages for a variety of reasons.  For the massage therapist, feedback from the client is essential, as it provides us with a measurement of the effectiveness and quality of the service we provide. We value the honest, constructive input from clients, as it helps us to fine-tune future sessions, and helps us to grow as massage therapy professionals

In a very unscientific survey, I perused the feedback slips completed by clients at the end of their first session. In all but one case, the client said they definitely plan on returning — the one “maybe” was from a gentlemen who rated us as “5” [very satisfied] and commented “fabulous.”  Other comments included: awesome; excellent; great; absolutely excellent, couldn’t be more pleased; relaxing, thoughtful, professional and friendly.

A recent poll asked “which word best describes how you feel after a massage? Responses were as follows: “relaxed” [59%], “healthier [23%], “energized” [13%], “emotional [3%].

What are some of the things that you can take away from these tidbits of information?  Although the benefits of massage are many, and have been proven to be of tremendous value in healing a range of physical, mental, and emotional matters, I believe that two key points can be taken from this data.

First, regardless of your reason for getting massage, there is a positive benefit than transcends any factors of cost. We recognize that massage is, for many, an infrequent treat — and for others it is often a weekly treatment that greatly enhances and improves upon quality of life. In either case, whether it simply leaves you feeling relaxed, energized or emotional, your being has been enriched. If you feel healthier, the benefits of that sensation will carry through in any endeavors you tackle for the remainder of the day or week.  We don’t take lightly the trust and confidence that you place in us, and that should be the standard any time you get a massage.

Second, in the process of describing the massage session outcomes with your therapist, you are establishing a bond and a partnership that demonstrates and fosters a mutual striving for ultimate satisfaction with the massage. Our goal at Healthy Touch is to provide “consistency and quality” with each visit, regardless of which therapist you saw.  If your therapist does not suggest an action plan for future visits, you may want to ask “what would you recommend we do to continue making progress in the areas you addressed today?” For many, receiving more frequent massages will keep some of the problem areas at bay, and make daily life much more bearable.  It may even make you more fun to be around!

Wishing each of you a “healthy touch,” and remember to drink plenty of water [whether you receive a massage or not]!


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