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How Often Should You Get a Massage?

At the end of a massage, I am often asked “how often should I get a massage?” Wow! What an open-ended and difficult question. You may as well ask me how much exercise, food, sleep, and recreational activities you need. Certainly there are many factors to consider. And after answering just a few questions, we can make that choice a little bit easier. And if nothing else, it will give you reason to justify your many massages – if you feel justification is needed.

Why do you receive massage? If we are honest with ourselves, often the main reason is that it just feels good! But even though our evidence is only anecdotal, we can safely say that only a bare minimum of our clients come solely for relaxation massages. There are generally some deep-seated issues. In fact, someone once told me that she could only relax following significant therapeutic massage. If your primary purpose is to relax, then allow the level of stress in your life, your available time and finances guide your massage schedule. But if your main reason for massage is improving your quality of life, then the frequency of massage may be guided by how long you stay pain-free between sessions.

How does massage fit your overall personal care plan? We believe that keeping your life in balance is very important. Optimally this balance covers all aspects of physical, mental, spiritual and emotional realms. Daily adjustments in each area [diet, exercise, vacations] impact on the whole body – minute changes affect the balance of the whole.

Of course there are always objections – reasons why we cannot get more massage. If we know that massage feels good, and is good for you, why don’t we do it more often? So far we have just looked at some general observations, but really haven’t truly given a boilerplate ‘frequency of massage’ guide. Before going further, let’s look at the two ‘primary objections’ commonly given – time and money. Unfortunately we cannot give you more time or money, but we believe that [more] frequent massage may allow you to enjoy your time more, help you be more productive, and make you more fun to be around. Can you think of better reasons to justify massage?

This is where a structured personal care plan comes into play. The partnership between you and your professional massage therapist is invaluable. He or she can help in ferreting out how often to receive massage. Relying upon the therapist’s intuitive touch and evaluation of your underlying tension, you can develop a predictable yet fluid plan to help maintain your body’s natural balance. Life’s circumstances [travel, work and family pressures, physical activities] all contribute to the need for a flexible plan. Receiving massage every 3-4 weeks may be sufficient under ‘normal’ circumstances – there may be times when you should return within several days or a week. And for some, weekly massage is essential. There is no ‘one size fits all’ plan.

We know that finances are limited, and at Healthy Touch Massage we try to ease the crunch. One way that we help is through our Wellness Program. Taking advantage of this allows you to get two massages per month for an average of $50 each – or to save $10 on one per month. Follow us on FB and Twitter for frequent specials. And of course, watch our emails for gift certificates and other promotions.

So, how often should you get a massage? Probably more often than you currently do. If you have tension that just won’t let go, that interferes with life as you would like it to be – maybe today should mark the beginning of a plan towards better health.

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