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Frequent massages – If you only read one article, this is the one!

Frequent massages are absolutely critical for your health and personal well-being

Were more frequent massages on your resolutions list? The first week of March brought a significant snow that mirrored the chill your body is feeling. As a massage therapist, I should be receiving frequent massages, but even now I can feel the tension pulling on my neck. What is it that keeps you from receiving regularly scheduled massages?

Why are frequent massages not on your calendar?

People often deny themselves frequent massages due to lack of money.

We certainly empathize with that concern. With costs of goods and services on the rise daily, frequent massage often seems like pampering.  Truly, it is beneficial to health, and massage should not be neglected.

Perhaps you are one of the thousands whose first Healthy Touch massage was chosen by selecting a daily deal. An extremely awesome deal, these are limited to first time clients. So, what options do you have for good quality, affordable massages?

At Healthy Touch Massage, more frequent massages are possible through a few avenues:

–  Our wellness program offers significant discounts for those willing to commit to a monthly program.

– Many people enjoy frequent massages through our extremely popular Triple-Play package. You get three 60 or 90 minute massages at a 20% discount

– Join our email list and have access to periodic special offers.

Inflexible schedules often prevent frequent massages.

– With an average of 18 massage therapists, 7 therapy rooms, and 78 hours per week to schedule, there is little reason to deny yourself regular massages.

– At Healthy Touch Massage we allow you to schedule at a time and place convenient to you through our online booking. Grab an appointment through our web site or on Facebook. Do so during regular business hours, or long after our staff is asleep.

It may be cold outside, but our warm massage suites and heated tables take away the chill. Make today your starting point for frequent massages, and a return to bodily wholeness.

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