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Consistency and Quality . . . more than a tagline

If you were to ask Phyllis Schwartz, the founder of Keep in Touch, to describe  the most basic philosophy of the franchise, she would tell you that it is “consistency and quality.”  Our daily goal is to make sure that we — as individual massage therapists, and as a franchise — model and exemplify these principles.

What do these words mean? And more importantly, how closely do we embrace the basic meaning of these words, and the passion that lies at their foundation?

Consistency is harmony of conduct, or a practice in keeping with what we profess. For the massage therapist, our desire is to always live, serve, and practice our profession in a manner that promotes health, healing, nurturing, and positive change. It means adhering to a strong code of ethics and morality. As a client, you place a great deal of confidence and trust in our professionalism [both in spirit and ability to perform the type of work expected]. Harmony of conduct means that we will always model behaviors and attitudes that are of the highest caliber. Practice in keeping what we profess means that we take time to become acquainted with you, to determine your needs and preferences, and to always strive to address the issues you present at the intake and during the massage session.

To ensure consistency, our franchise has a rigorous selection process and training program. We want to be certain that each time you visit Keep in Touch, your therapist will provide the type of experience that you are accustomed to. Careful selection of the best therapists and meticulous training are not guarantees, but we do our best to ensure a great outcome!

Consistency without quality could mean no more than an unending sequence of mediocre, or less than satisfying experiences. The first step in driving quality is starting with graduates of respected schools. That is not enough, though. The person that graduates at the bottom of the class in medical school is still called “doctor.” We are looking for more than graduates that calls themselves a massage therapist. Our hiring process includes a “hands on” interview. And even after the hire, we solicit and welcome feedback from some of our strongest critics — you the client. If the quality of your massage is ever sub-par, we welcome your constructive feedback!

We recognize that there are many options available today for massage, and desire to separate ourselves from the rest by the consistency and quality of our services. For 26 years Keep in Touch has been the leader in providing professional and therapeutic massage.  We thank you for your confidence in us!

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