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Enjoy the Fall colors, and the exciting new look of our website

Running in the woods

Taking our massage to exciting new heights!

The return of Fall brings changes in our outdoor movements

I love the crunchy feel of Fall leaves underfoot as I run on urban trails. The gentle swish as my feet plow through a pile of undisturbed leaves is simultaneously relaxing and therapeutic. With the change in seasons comes adjustments of lifestyle and patterns of exercise.

At the end of August I joined a trail running camp. I was amazed at the various techniques and muscles recruited for running uphill, downhill, and at night versus daytime. After running about twelve miles over a 24 hour period, I also marveled at tension in muscles never before discovered.

Near the end of the camp I asked the trainer what to do for Winter workouts. I am not one of the few that runs, rides, or engages in most types of Winter outdoor activities. He suggested a treadmill.

So with the change to Fall, I will put away the running shorts and will transition to indoor bicycles, treadmills, and rowing machines. A gym membership seem more attractive as leaves decompose under a new layer of snow. And I feel a renewed desire to work on some ‘indoor projects’ previously relegated to the ‘to-do’ pile.

Many seasons have passed since we refreshed our image

A friend and colleague advised me this week that most businesses should change their websites every 6-12 months. It has been over 3 years since ours was done.  It looks tired! Within the next week, we introduce a new and more vibrant web page. Uptown is constantly evolving and changing. Our massage clientele is diverse and ever-changing. Our new look — the website and logo — represent the liveliness and appeal that Uptown offers.

Celebrate our staff

We provide the most consistent and high-quality therapeutic massages available in the Metro area! Nobody does it better. Our staff has grown and morphed over time — some loved ones left, and other fantastic members have been added. If it has been a while since you visited, be sure to call and schedule a session with one of our amazing massage team members.

Share us with a friend

You are our greatest cheerleaders! The new website provides four opportunities for you to tell the Metro area how much you love us. The greatest tip that you can provide us is a solid referral to a friend.


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