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Balance – so underappreciated

Balanced at Centennial Lakes

Balance in your life — how do you achieve it?  More important – how do you sustain it?

On a recent crisp Sunday afternoon I took a slight detour from my usual route when I caught sight of this object, which I later discovered was called the “Holy Edina Bird.” I will leave it to you to sort out the rationale behind the name.

What motivated me to take that detour was the realization that I have allowed the “busyness” of life to get in my way, and I “saw” something that I have previously been too distracted to notice.  I have missed the unexpected pleasure of previously unseen things of beauty all around me. Yes, all of the activities in my life are important, but I was allowing myself to get so caught up in them, that I missed reveling in the other good things around me.

The pillars of our “healthy touch” program are [1] massage, [2] nutrition and [3] balance. When these three foundational elements are in balance, your life and your quality of life will be immeasurably improved.

In future weeks we will further your knowledge of massage and its benefits. Join us as we uncover the various modalities of massage, as well as more reasons to get frequent massage.

Something new for Healthy Touch Wellness Center Uptown is our Healthy Touch Nutritional Therapy Program. There are benefits here for everyone, no matter how good, or poor, your present state of health. Each week you will find something new on our webpage to help you along the path to nutritional wellness.

Finally, we will explore all aspects of balance: physical, mental, spiritual and emotional. Numerous new studies show that one key to living a long and healthy life is attaining balance in all areas.

As you gradually succeed in the quest for balance, take a trip to Centennial Lakes and help me figure out the meaning of the bird’s name!

wishing you wellness and a “healthy touch”

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