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Passion for Massage! We have it.

Passion is a word easily tossed about.

The word passion can be used interchangeably with words like determination, conviction, and love. How is this concept expressed in the flesh, and demonstrated in your daily life?

Those familiar with me know that passion defines my life: I demonstrate it within faith, my family, my friends, and through the massage therapy practice that means so much to many people. Some also see my passion for coffee, and call me a ‘coffee snob!”

Our passion is expressed outwardly in the face that we present to the world. Think of someone or something that epitomizes your passion. The name of that person, the nature of that business, the positive feelings for that particular author or artist are constantly at the forefront of your thoughts and your speech.

Passion is expressed through our hands.

At Healthy Touch Massage, this outward expression takes place in and through our hands. We value and search for massage therapists demonstrating an intuitive touch. I  joke frequently and state that any monkey can be taught to perform a scripted, cookie-cutter massage. At times I have endured such an effort. Hopefully that is not the case for you.

How does the example of coffee relate to massage? Each morning I start my day with a fresh cup of coffee, produced in similar fashion to that shown in the image below. Every ingredient must be excellent: filtered water, great coffee beans — ground recently and dispensed in the correct proportion. It takes care to create an amazing drink.

Passion produces unique and personalized sessions.

Our massages are similarly crafted. We begin with only the best massage therapists. Each one, though different in personality and technique, is selected for their demonstrated ability to give a fantastic massage. In concert with the client, the therapist crafts a massage session that meets the needs verbalized by the recipient. Often we find physical needs that were masked and unknown to the client.

There is no time like the present to schedule a massage and discover, or rediscover, the pleasure and satisfaction of a massage presented with passion! We look forward to seeing you soon and often during this fast-paced time of the year.



Passion for coffee and a passion for massage. Life is too short for poor quality in either!



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