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What to Expect - FAQ's

What to Expect during your massage session

If you are not familiar with what to expect in a professional massage, please take a moment to read the following information. Everyone receiving a massage at Healthy Touch Massage & Wellness will receive:

  • compassion – everyone comes to us with specific needs and desires. First and foremost, every session is about you. Regardless of your past experiences with massage, or life in general, our goal is to tailor a session that recognizes your need for comfort, safety, and understanding. You deserve the best experience possible.
  • curiosity – during your intake session and throughout your massage, we invite your questions, comments and concerns. No detail or piece of information is insignificant – from bunions to burns, to bursitis – give us every significant fact.
  • communication – our goal is to be totally transparent regarding all aspects of your session, and we welcome your input throughout the session. If you prefer silence during the massage, please let your therapist know in advance, and they will check in only once or twice for a check on pressure and comfort.

While each session is customized to fit your unique needs, some elements are common to all:

  • The length of the session you schedule represents actual “hands on” time. So, if you book a 60 minute session, the ‘clock’ starts when your massage therapist places his/her hands on you. We program an additional administrative allowance for time spent doing such things as session intake, time to dress and undress for the massage, and for the therapist to provide fresh, clean sheets for the next session.
  • If you are new to Healthy Touch Massage, we ask that you arrive 5-10 minutes early to complete a brief new client intake form. Doing so will ensure that you receive the entire “hands on” session.
  • After your brief intake, the therapist will leave the room, allowing you time to disrobe for the massage. Your comfort is our primary concern – many clients will leave their undergarments on, but doing so may hinder needed work on areas such as the glutes or upper back. Keep in mind that you are always modestly draped and we only uncover areas sufficiently to accomplish the massage.
  • Each of our massage tables has a heated pad for your comfort [feel free to ask for it to be adjusted]. Music and/or environmental sound levels are also available. Please let your therapist know if you would like to talk or simply prefer silence.
  • If you are ever uncomfortable with anything [pressure, techniques, etc] during your massage, please let your therapist know immediately.
  • In order to provide for a more personal session free of distractions, our "massages for couples" are provided in separate rooms.

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