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‘Why’ Healthy Touch? — our massages may change your life!

Why do you get up every morning? Why are you compelled to get out of bed each day? Is it simply to go to work and pay the bills? Perhaps you are in a job that just seems right . .  or at least it did at one time.  Maybe now you are not so

Celebrating Six Years of Quality Massage Therapy in Uptown

A cause for celebration Anniversaries are a cause to be celebrated.  We cherish birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, and other special occasions (hopefully with the gift of massage therapy). On September 22, 2015 I returned to my native Minneapolis after many years traveling the country and the world. I was a “newly minted” massage therapist fortunate

Seasons Change — So Does Your Body

As we approach our 5th anniversary on September 22d, I often reflect on the ebb and flow of business.  We have been blessed with a great clientele and wonderful growth. But what factors compel people to get massages? Just as in any service industry profession, this question piques the curiosity and sometimes frustrates the massage

Do you need a “stay at home” retreat?

A couple of days ago I listened enviously as a colleague shared his recent experience of sailing and resting on the sands of San Juan. We are in the midst of our hardest winter in recent decades, and the “Minnesota Slump” has become the standard posture for many of us. What can be done if

How Often Should You Get a Massage?

At the end of a massage, I am often asked “how often should I get a massage?” Wow! What an open-ended and difficult question. You may as well ask me how much exercise, food, sleep, and recreational activities you need. Certainly there are many factors to consider. And after answering just a few questions, we