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Pacify your pain with regular professional massages!

Pain-free living can be your new reality  You were designed for a pain-free life!  The stresses of daily life, combined with our lack of attention to the body’s proper positioning, create a recipe for continuous and ongoing pain. We are marvelously designed creatures, and if we respect our bodies, and our natural design, we can

Seasons Change — So Does Your Body

As we approach our 5th anniversary on September 22d, I often reflect on the ebb and flow of business.  We have been blessed with a great clientele and wonderful growth. But what factors compel people to get massages? Just as in any service industry profession, this question piques the curiosity and sometimes frustrates the massage

Do you need a “stay at home” retreat?

A couple of days ago I listened enviously as a colleague shared his recent experience of sailing and resting on the sands of San Juan. We are in the midst of our hardest winter in recent decades, and the “Minnesota Slump” has become the standard posture for many of us. What can be done if

Reading to sink your teeth into

Recently I discovered that my credit card was compromised. Adding insult to injury, the culprits proceeded to fill their bellies at my expense — “feasting” on fast food. With all the choices available, they chose the quickest and least satisfying options, filling themselves up with mass produced, tasteless food substitutes. When it comes to reading

“Massage” the inner you with good food!

Is it true that “you are what you eat?”  The answer is a resounding YES!  The field of epigenetics is an exciting discipline, receiving a great deal of press and interest through a number of excellent books and studies on the relationship of food [and nutrition] to our genes. Not only are YOU what you

Balance – so underappreciated

Balance in your life — how do you achieve it?  More important – how do you sustain it? On a recent crisp Sunday afternoon I took a slight detour from my usual route when I caught sight of this object, which I later discovered was called the “Holy Edina Bird.” I will leave it to