We do massages right! Massages that ‘feel like we care.’

Massage: It does a body good! We have become a nation of sedentary beings. Time spent hunching over a computer or cell phone, or traveling long hours in a plane or car is damaging to our bodies. Do you have nagging pains that will not go away? Does sleep evade you and prevent you from having the best possible day? Schedule a massage today and discover the joy of good massages done right.

Custom sessions designed for you! Each one-hour massage is 60 minutes hands-on*

Our massage therapists are specialists in therapeutic and rehabilitative massage and each has received training in a number of additional modalities. Combine this with a passion for uncovering and effectively treating whatever pain you are experiencing and you have an unbeatable combination. We select only those massage therapists that share our goals for excellent in massage.

We believe that the session should be all about you. When you arrive, you will have adequate time to discuss your individual desires and structure a session tailored to your body’s needs.

Our locally-owned business is guided by a massage therapist owner who is committed to providing the high quality and consistent massages that you will receive nowhere else. Call us today at 612-871-3330 or schedule online!

*One little caveat: you must be ready for your massage at its scheduled start time!

A massage treatment plan for every budget. Start today!

For massages to be effective, they must be frequent! Everyone understands the importance of annual visits with dentists and doctors. In most cases these visits are preventative, but at times result in treatment plans that radically improve your health. At Healthy Touch we believe that everyone should have an individual care plan. For some that might mean weekly massages; others may feel less often is adequate for their needs. Above all, we want to find a plan that works for you.

You work hard for your money, and your time is valuable.  If this is your first visit and you are considering an online or other competitive offer, call us. We may be able to match the offer, and we will certainly beat the service!

And ask about our Triple-play packages: three massages (no sharing please) at a 20% discount.  Begin your journey to pain-free living.