closing thoughts from Norm . . .

Farewell to Uptown

Healthy Touch Massage & Wellness

Healthy Touch Massage Closed
Thanks for the ten-year ride!

Wonderful fans, followers, and long-time supporters of Healthy Touch Massage. We struggled with COVID-19, as each of you did in your own individual ways. Many of you experienced losses far beyond any that I must endure.

When we closed our doors on March 16th, it was a struggle. We had bills to pay which were dependent upon the next two week’s income. Our employees were the first priority. They received all pay and the SST (Sick and Safe Time) payments due in Minneapolis.

It pains us to say that our initial and continued closure left us unviable economically and without financial resources. We are essentially insolvent.

We hoped to turn things around and had a serious buyer — even now we have a “tire-kicker.” Barring a miracle, we have exhausted all remedies and resources and must close permanently.

Many of you will have questions . . . hard questions that have no good answers. As we have every day of the past ten-years, we gave it our best. But some things you just can’t fight.

Please reach out to me and share any stories or well-wishes. I will miss all of you. Our updated email address is

Be blessed, safe, and happy.


Touchup LLC DBA Healthy Touch Massage & Wellness
1221 West Lake Street, Suite 109
Minneapolis, MN 55408