Melt away muscular tension at Healthy Touch Massage!

At Healthy Touch Massage of Minneapolis, we work each day with clients suffering pain and discomfort. Our skillful application of Swedish-style massage techniques (deep tissue, sports, rehab, injury care, prenatal) will help restore your body to a place of wellness.

Take a deep breath and in the silence listen to the needs of your body . . . did you wake with a nagging pain in the neck? Or perhaps your lower back aches as you lift yourself from bed. On the morning commute, is it difficult to turn your head for the lane change? Or maybe at the end of the day you are just ‘plain tired.’ How is this affecting your ability to get through your day?

Professionally trained therapists custom design your massage session

At Healthy Touch Massage, each massage is as unique and individual as you are. Every massage begins with an individual consultation to determine what is going on with YOUR body, and what treatment you need.

When was the last time someone gave you a fantastic neck and shoulder massage . . . or massaged your overworked hands and feet for the relief they needed? Massage, performed well, can do wonders for you. Allow yourself an hour or more of pure relaxation to place your mind and body in a state of total ease – gentle kneading, long and smooth strokes, and easy stretches transport you to a healing place. More serious tension calls for focused and more intense massage to loosen bound muscles and release more troublesome knots.

You can have hope for a pain-free life!
Begin your return to wholeness and health today!

At Healthy Touch Massage & Wellness we recognize the benefits of therapeutic and rehabilitative massage. Taking a holistic approach we also consider your whole body, including the food you eat, and your life choices.

Most important, we listen to you and customize the massages to meet your individual needs. If frequent massage is important to you, let us help you with a plan that meets your physical needs, and makes good financial sense.

Uptown Minneapolis is a destination spot for many reasons. The best massages in Minneapolis is yet one more reason to visit.